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Elevate Pull Up Resistance Bands

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Elevate Power Band Set


HEAVY DUTY RESISTANCE BANDS- The elevate power band set are made from a high quality latex material which keeps its shape even after years of use, the natural latex material is made up of multiple layers which gives the bands extreme strength.


SET INCLUDES- 4 x high-quality resistance bands with varying tension levels: Red band (15-35lbs), Black band (25-65lbs), Purple band (35-85lbs) and Green band (50-125lbs, and a elevate pouch bag for you to have your bands for every workout on the go.


VERSATILE TRAINING USE- The elevate power resistance band set can be used for various different athletes exercises needs, use the bands for a full home workout with the different resistance levels to suits your exercise needs and target different muscle groups, or use the bands in the gym for adding resistance to all your specific exercises to add extra intensity to your workout, use the bands for rehab and mobility work in the gym or at home. 


SUITABLE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS – Four individual levels of resistance plus a diverse range of exercise possibilities make these bands highly functional yet easy to use and suitable for beginners and elite athletes alike. Vary the intensity of your workout simply by moving up or down a band level or combining two or more bands together – the workout possibilities are substantial.