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Elevate Home Resistance Tube Bands

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Elevate Home Resistance Tube Bands


HIGH QUALITY HOME TUBE BAND SET- The Elevate home resistance tube band set is made from a high quality latex material, with durable rubber handles, commercial-grand components and different EVA material of anchoring solutions for maximum versatility, the anti slip handles ensure firm grip during intense exercise.


ANCHOR TO WINDOWS & DOORS- It can be hooked up to any over head structure including windows and doors, for versatile use the set includes a door anchor and two ankle straps for a full body workout anywhere anytime.


SET INCLUDES- 5 x high-quality resistance bands with varying tension levels: extra light (10lbs / 4.5kg), light (15lbs / 6.8kg), medium (20lbs / 9.1kg), heavy (25lbs / 11.3kg) and extra heavy (30lbs / 13.6kg) = almost 50kg worth of resistance, 2 x heavy duty handles, 2 x ankle straps, door anchor, and a elevate pouch bag to have your bands for every workout on the go.

A FULL BODY WORKOUT -The tube band set is an essential for your home workouts, the 5 different levels of resistance allow for you to tailor your workouts and target specific muscle groups, Its not only perfect for various different upper body exercises but can be used for many lower body exercises as well, the two ankle straps included in the kit allows you to connect the bands to your ankles for various different lower body exercises.